Growth is an important indicator of a child’s health.

It’s more than height, it’s health.

Did you know your child’s growth tells a story? It’s about more than height - it may be an important sign of their overall health and physical development. That’s why it’s critical to know if your child’s growth rate is what it should be, at any age.

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Watch for the signs.

Have you noticed your child is:

Wearing out clothes and shoes before outgrowing them?

Much shorter than peers or classmates?

Often mistaken for being much younger, or teased due to his or her heights?

Shorter than you or your child’s siblings were at the same age?

These could be signs of irregular growth. In some children, that might not be a cause for concern - but in others, it may indicate a serious health problem. Download our parent’s guide

Know the numbers!

Important measurements and techniques


A percentile on a growth chart indicates a child’s average height for their age group. Your child’s doctor will compare your child’s height to average heights of other children the same age. Most children fall between the 3rd and 97th percentiles on the growth chart. If your child is below the 3rd percentile, he or she may be referred to a specialist.

Growth Velocity

A child’s annual growth rate is often referred to as growth velocity. Your child’s doctor will most likely look at the change in your child’s height from year to year and see if he or she is growing at a normal rate. Most children grow 2-3 inches (5.1 - 7.6 cm) every year from ages 4-12.

Bone Age X-Ray

An X-ray of your child’s left hand and wrist to determine if their bone age and chronological age match.

Mid-Parental Target Height

A child’s mid-parental target height is a method used to estimate the target height based on both parents heights.

What could poor growth mean?

Poor growth could be a sign of a much more serious medical problem. These serious medical problems could be associated with health complications that could affect your child’s:


Learning development



Respiratory health

Bone health

Kidney development

Immune system

Body composition

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